Development of mining and metals sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan by successful implementation of investment projects and efficient operation of priority solid minerals assets based on sustainable development principles

Principles of Sustainable Development (Corporate Social Responsibility)

For the Company not only results are important, but also the means of achieving also take the main place. The key principle of corporate social policy is the principle of social responsibility, which assumes that the Company conducts the following:

- Forms the strategy with taking into account the interests of civil society as a whole;

- Compliances with legislations;

- Accepts the moral and ethical standards;

- Respects the human rights;

- Aims to provide the balance of interests of stakeholders – shareholders, employees, partners, customers, and other social groups that are in some way connected with the activities of the Company;

- Takes into account the interests of future generations, seeks to maximize the use of natural resources and to improve the living conditions of the population;

- Consistently works to ensure the safety and health of employees of the Company.

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