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Personnel Policy Model

The Personnel Policy of JSC NMC «Tau-Ken Samruk» for 2014-2022 (hereinafter - the Personnel Policy) is developed based on the international experience in the field of human resources management, defining the control system, the principles, key areas and approaches to personnel potential, in accordance with the Personnel policy of JSC «Samruk-Kazyna» for 2013-2022, the Development strategy of JSC NMC «Tau-Ken Samruk» for 2013-2022, and presents the main directions and approaches of personnel management for the implementation of the mission and declared strategic goals.

The purpose of the Personnel Policy is to ensure the optimal balance of the updating and maintaining the quantitative and qualitative composition of the staff of the Company in its development according to the needs of the Company, the requirements of the applicable legislation and the state of the labor market.

Performance Principles of Personnel Management:

1. The attitude to personnel as a long-term investment, the main resource of the Company - the costs for events in the field of personnel management shall be paid off by the results of production activities;

2. Mutual responsibility of employees and the Company for executing the obligations and performance – the use of modern scientific developments in the field of personnel management, which could provide maximum economic and social benefit;

3. The selection and appointment of personnel according to their professional and personal qualities - focus on the needs in the context of business areas in personnel in view of its quantitative and qualitative characteristics, suggesting the systematic collection of data on specially designed forms, reflecting the quantitative and qualitative indicators of human resources;

4. The systematic evaluation of staff performance – the quality analysis of the available human resources in the Company and their compliance with the requirements for the job positions with the Company's strategic goals;

5. The efficiency and transparency in decision-making on incentives and penalties – the development of an integrated approach to increase loyalty and reduce staff turnover, the development of corporate culture;

6. The succession of decisions taken in the framework of the Personnel Policy –the succession of knowledge, experience and traditions, the emphasis on the development and training the employees.

Key Areas of Personnel Policy:

§effective staff employment;

§improvement of the corporate culture;

§staff training and development;

§staff evaluation; staff motivation.

The average staff number of JSC NMC "Tau-Ken Samruk" as of the end of the second half of 2017 was 95 persons.

General Information about Personnel of the Company

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