Development of mining and metals sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan by successful implementation of investment projects and efficient operation of priority solid minerals assets based on sustainable development principles

Transactions for 2018

1. Signing Additional Agreement №6 dated February 01, 2018 to the Loan Contract №39dated December 28, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") as a transaction where "NMC "Tau-Ken Samruk" JSC has an interest.

The Additional Agreement №6 to the Contractwas concluded on February 01, 2018 between "NMC"Tau-Ken Samruk" JSC and "Silicon mining" LLP."NMC"Tau-Ken Samruk" JSC is the major participant of"Silicon mining"LLP.

Additional Agreement №6 to the Contract between "NMC"Tau-Ken Samruk" JSC and "Silicon mining" LLPwas concluded in accordance with the Resolution of Tau-Ken Samruk Management Board dated January 18, 2018 (Protocol № 02-18).

According to the Additional Agreement №6datedFebruary 01, 2018 (to the Contract), with an increase of the loan amount to 97 030 757 tenge up to 459 174 057 tenge (four hundred fifty nine million one hundred seventy four thousand fifty seven) tenge.

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