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On July 23, 2015

Meeting in presentia of Board of Directors of JSC «Тau-Кen Samruk» was held at July 23, 2015, in the framework of the meeting 8 issues were considered on the agenda.

Inclusive of the agenda, Board of Directors of JSC «Тau-Кen Samruk» made decisions on the following issues:

1. On issuing (sale) of shares of JSC «Тau-Кen Samruk».

2. On amendments to Charter of LLP «Таu-Кеn Аltyn».

3. On confirming the Rules of labour remuneration, nominations and social support for Corporate Secretary of JSC «Тau-Кen Samruk».

Therewith, in the framework of the meeting, Board of Directors considered the following issues: Report on Transparency and efficiency of information disclosure of JSC «Тau-Кen Samruk» for 1st half of 2015, Report on Internal Audit Service of the Company for 2nd quarter of 2015, also the Evaluation of activities of Internal Audit Service according to the results of efficiency factors for the 2nd quarter of 2015.

In order to ensure the further implementation of investment projects, the Board of Directors approved a separate project for the development of the Northern Katpar deposit and financing costs of the preparation period, and approved the business plan and the corresponding investment memorandum of the project «Exploration of copper, lead and barite at Tuyuk-Temirlik ore zone in Almaty region».