Rustem Makulbekov

Chief Business Development Director

Organization and coordination of activities on attracting strategic partners, investors in the Company’s projects and work on the development and execution of the Company’s strategy. Management of the processes on acquisition and restructuring of the Company’s assets. Ensuring the organization of activities on improving the corporate governance system of the Company.

Date of election: Decision of the Board of Directors of JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk of October 28, 2021, Minutes No. 11/21

Citizenship: Republic of Kazakhstan

Date of birth: August 27, 1979

Education: Graduated from the APU, Cambridge, UK, majoring in Business Management (2002)

Professional activity:

Since 2002 – Manager of the TED, KazTransGaz LNG CJSC

Since 2003 – Manager of the TED, Deputy Director of the Gas transportation and Marketing Department, Intergas Central Asia CJSC

From April to June 2006 – Executive Sales Director, Almaty Power Consolidated JSC

From July 2006 to October 2007 – Vice President for Development, Altynalmas JSC

From October 2007 to August 2010 – General Director, Altyn TET LLP

From August 2010 to November 2010 – Deputy General Director for Long-term Development, Almatyenergosbyt LLP

Since 2011 – Deputy General Director for Commerce, Astana Solar LLP

Since 2012, Managing Director for Corporate Governance, Samruk-Energy JSC, Manager of HPP and RES Division – Member of the Management Board of Samruk-Energy JSC

Since 2015 – Advisor on KAZ PV, Astana Solar LLP

From January to October 2016 –Deputy Director General on the assets realization, KazatompromDamu LLP

Since November 2016 – Chief of Staff, Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC

Since 2018 – Director, Tau-Ken Altyn LLP

State awards:

1. Medal “Eren Enbegi Ushin” (2020);

2. The badge “Yenbek Danky” II degree (2020);

3. The badge “Yenbek Danky” III degree (2019).

He was employed to JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk on November 01, 2021.

Ownership of company shares: none

Ownership of shares of suppliers and competitors of the company, the number and share of owned interest in affiliated companies: none