Search for copper and associated components in the promising Kundyzdinsky and Berchogursky ore districts in the Aktobe region

The Kundyzdinsky-Berchogursky search area is located in the Mugalzharsky and Shalkarsky districts of the Aktobe region, 35 km east of the Emba railway station, 15 km southwest of the Yubileyny mine. The area of search and evaluation works is 304.3 sq. km.

Prospecting and evaluation work is planned on the area to study the ore occurrences of copper and associated components, including drilling, exploration and geophysical work. As a result of the search and evaluation work on the Kundyzdinsky-Berchogursky search area, it will be concluded that it is advisable to carry out further detailed work to assess industrial conditions and calculate reserves.

The main purpose of the search and evaluation work is to identify deposits of copper-pyrite type, possibly gold-copper-porphyry type or gold-sulfide type.

Project milestones
Search stage (2020 – 2022)
Evaluation stage (2023 -2025)
R and P Stage (2025)
Construction (2026 – 2027)

Current status

Obtained license for exploration of SM.

Completed exploration project.

Completed work on Remote sensing of the earth over the entire area of the licensed territory.

Completed  work on the geophysical study of the earth on all 4 detailed plots.

Completed geological routes for all 4 detailed sections.

Completed laboratory and analytical studies of samples.

Determined further volumes and types of exploration as a result of in-house processing of the received materials.