«Shokpar-Gagarinskoye» LLP

 «Shokpar-Gagarinskoye» LLP was established in 2014, March 28 for gold ore exploration at Gagarin and Shokpar deposits in Zhambyl region.


The sole participant of «Shokpar-Gagarinskoye» LLP is «Tau-Ken Samruk» NMC» JSC.

By the Resolution of the in-person Meeting of the Board of Directors of the  JSC Tau-Ken Samruk National Mining Company (Minutes No. 14/15 dated December 24, 2015), Aidos Askarov was appointed as Director of Shokpar-Gagarinskoye LLP.

Contact details:

Nur-Sultan, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan
Esil district, Е-10 str, 17/10

Tel.: +7 (7172) 559564, yu.koryazova@tks.kz.