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The procedure for appraisal of personnel performance aimed at determining its effectiveness in accordance with certain success criteria and stimulating appropriate tangible and intangible remuneration in the Company, has been operational since 2009.

In accordance with the recognized international practice for effective human resource management, the procedure for appraisal of personnel performance is based on assessment of business and leadership competencies of employees, taking into account performance rating, obtained by employees during the reporting period.

In accordance with the current rules for appraisal of personnel (administrative personnel) performance, the process is conducted through the Annual Assessment and interim review of employees’ performance held in the middle of the year, and includes self-assessment, review meetings, review of skills and potential, assessment and provision of guidance on improving performance and development opportunities.

Following the results of the performance assessment of administrative employees (calibration session) as of 2018, employees were divided according to the following ratings:

Exceeds the standard – 23 % (an employee exceeds the expected performance results. Is considered a key employee of the team and the Company. Demonstrates extensive experience and command of relevant skills and seeks to develop knowledge and skills required for resolving future strategic business tasks)

Meets expectations– 77% (an employee meets and sometimes exceeds the expected performance results. Makes a significant contribution to the team and Company’s activities. Reaches goals and performs duties being slightly ruled by leaders. Demonstrates competence in the relevant skills required for resolving future strategic business tasks. Promotes development of other employees)