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Personnel Evaluation

The system of personnel evaluation, focused on the two components for a comprehensive and objective evaluation, and rational management of performance of the personnel:

1. Management by Objectives – the system of quarterly performance evaluation, the extent and quality of the objectives achieved by the employee.

2. The Competence Evaluation – the system of annual final evaluation (attestation) of the working behavior on specific indicators to achieve goals by the most appropriate ways. As a result of the evaluation, the decisions to further professional development of employees shall be taken (enrollment in the personnel reserve, aimed at training, promotion, and etc.)

The evaluation of administrative employees for the 1st half of the year (the number of employees in the following rankings):

A – The objectives are achieved with high quality and in advance, the significant additional volume of work is made (the overall performance is more than 150%);

B – The objectives are achieved with high quality and in advance (the overall performance from 100 to 149%);

C – The works meet expectations. The objectives and targets are executed in time (the overall performance from 76 to 100%);

D – The objectives and targets are not always executed in time or quality of performance does not always meet the requirements (the overall performance from 50% to 75%)