Staff Evaluation

The staff performance evaluation procedure aimed at determining the performance efficiency on the basis of specific measurable criteria of success and incentives with adequate non-material and material remuneration, has been used in the Company since 2009.

According to the recognized international practice of effective human resource management, the procedure is based on the assessment of the business and leadership competencies of employees, taking into account the performance during the reporting period.

In compliance with the applicable Rules for Employee Performance Evaluation (Administrative Staff) of the Company, the process is carried out through annual assessment and intermediate (quarterly) review of the employee performance and includes: self-assessment, review meetings, review of skills, potential, assessment and providing directions to employees for performance improvement and development opportunities.

Following the assessment results of administrative employees (calibration session) on the basis of performance for 2018, employees were distributed according to the following ratings:

Exceeds the standard – 23% (the employee exceeds the expected performance results. It is considered a key employee of the team and the Company. It demonstrates extensive experience in relevant skills and strives to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to solve future, strategic business problems)

Meets expectations – 77% (the employee achieves and sometimes exceeds the expected performance results. It contributes significantly to the team and activities of the Company, achieves the goals and fulfills responsibilities with some guidance in the work, demonstrates competence in the relevant skills and develops the knowledge and skills necessary for solving future strategic business problems and assists in development of other employees).