Management approach

JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk is aware of its impact on the external environment, economy, and society. The Company strives to achieve strategic goals without compromising its sustainability in the long term, ensuring sustainable development while respecting the interests of stakeholders.

Principles in the field of sustainable development of the Company are defined int the Corporate Governance Code and include openness, accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for the interests of stakeholders, legality, respect for human rights, intolerance to corruption, inadmissibility of conflicts of interest, personal example.


Tau-Ken Samruk strives to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The Company focuses on the following goals:

The Company is constantly working to improve sanitary conditions, absence of injuries, technological violations, reduce harmful and dangerous production factors, and create safe working conditions.

Taking into account the specifics of our activities, we strive to ensure gender equality and empower women in the Company.

Our priority is to ensure full and productive employment; provide decent work; pay for work of equal value, regardless of gender; protect labor rights; create reliable and safe working conditions.

We are aware of the importance and responsibility of creating a reliable infrastructure that will meet the needs of the population for a long time, and we strive to promote innovation in the field of prospecting surveys to achieve strategic goals.

The basis for setting goals in the field of environmental protection are the Company’s obligations, such as: compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; providing preventive measures to eliminate negative environmental impact before measures to liquidate consequences of such impact; comprehensive environmental impact assessment; minimizing the risks of negative environmental impact; compensation for environmental damage from negative environmental impacts; open communication, awareness and regular reporting; continuous improvement of the management system and indicators in the field of environmental protection; accident-free functioning and operation of all production equipment in order to minimize the risks of environmental pollution in accidents and emergency situations. The Company also requires their execution by contractors in order to implement the environmental policy.

Culture of honesty, respect and perseverance in achieving goals extends to all our business relationships and interactions, both external and internal. Our values are safety, team, meritocracy, continuous improvement, integrity and respect. The company established the Compliance Function that ensures compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements and best international practices on anti-corruption issues among all employees and creates conditions for doing business in accordance with international standards, internal policies and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Development Foundation was established under the Business Transformation Program of Samruk-Kazyna JSC, which is the single operator of charity of the Samruk-Kazyna group of companies.

The activities of Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Development Foundation are carried out with the assistance of public authorities, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and experts in the field of public and social policy.

More information about the activities of Samruk-Kazyna Trust Social Development Foundation can be found on the website:


One of the key factors for achieving the Company’s goals is effective interaction with stakeholders through the implementation of a system of planned and consistent activities. The interaction of JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk with stakeholders is based on the following principles: respect and consideration of the interests, opinions and preferences of stakeholders, timely and regular information, responsible fulfillment of obligations.