Principles of Sustainable Development

Principles in the area of Sustainable development are openness, accountability, transparency, ethics, respect of Stakeholders’ interest, justice, observance of human rights, intolerance to corruption, the inadmissibility of conflict of interests, personal example.

Disclosure of principles:

  • Openness – We are open to contacts, discussion and dialogue. We are looking to build long-term cooperation with stakeholders, based on mutual interests, respect of the rights and the balance between the interests of the Company and stakeholders.
  • Accountability – We are aware of our responsibility for the impact on the economy, environment and society. We are aware of our responsibility in front of the shareholders and investors for the growth of long-term value and sustainable development of the Company in the long run. We are striving to minimize negative impact on the environment through careful use of resources (including energy, raw materials, and water), the progressive reduction of emissions, waste, and the introduction of high-performance, energy and resource saving technologies. We pay taxes and other fees stipulated by law to the Government budget. We keep and create jobs as part of our strategy of development and opportunities. We are seeking to promote development of the area, in which we operate within the framework of our strategy and within the limits of available financial resources. We carefully and prudently make decisions and perform actions at every level, from the level of the Board of Directors and Executive Body to the level of ordinary employees. We strive to introduce innovation technologies that are aimed at careful and responsible use of resources and increasing productivity. Our products, goods and services must comply with the standards of health and safety of consumers, established by the law and standards of good quality. We appreciate our clients.
  • Transparency – Our decisions and actions should be clear and transparent to stakeholders. We timely disclose information provided by the law and our documents, taking into consideration the norms for the protection of confidential information.
  • Ethical behavior – The basis for our decisions and actions are our values such as meritocracy, respect, honesty, openness, teamwork and trust, trustworthiness and fairness.
  • Respect – We respect the rights and interests of the Stakeholders, which arise from the law, singed contracts, or implied within business relations.
  • Justice – our decisions and actions are consistent with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the decisions of the authorities of the Organizations.
  • Respect of human rights– We respect and promote respect of human rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We categorically reject and prohibit the use of child labor.

Our employees – are our main value and main resource. The level of their professionalism and security impacts directly on the results of our activity and the value created for investors. Therefore, we are striving to:

– attract on open and transparent basis the best and professional candidates from the labor market and educate our employees based on the principle of meritocracy;

– ensure the security and safety of our employees;

– conduct sanatory programs and provide social support to employees;

– establish an effective system of motivation and development of employees;

– develop corporate culture.

  • Intolerance to corruption – Corruption destroys the value created by our organizations for our shareholders, investors, other Stakeholders, and by society as a whole. We declare intolerance to the corruption in all its manifestations in collaboration with all Stakeholders. Officials and employees involved in corruption affairs are to be dismissed and brought to justice in accordance with the laws.

Internal control system in the Company should include measures aimed at non-admission, prevention and detection of corruption offenses.

The Organizations should develop a dialogue with Stakeholders to increase their awareness in the fight against corruption.

  • Inadmissibility of conflict of interests – Serious violations related to the conflicts of interests, could damage the reputation of the Company and undermine their credibility with shareholders and other Stakeholders. Personal interests of the executive or employee shall not affect the impartial performance of their official duties, functional liabilities. In relationship with Partners the Company by relying on the establishment and preservation of fiduciary relationship in which the parties are obliged to act with respect to each other as much as possible with honesty, integrity, fair and loyal, taking actions to prevent, detect and eliminate conflicts of interest.
  • Personal example – each of us every day in our actions, behavior and decision-making contributes to introduction of these principles. The employees and officials who are occupying managerial positions by their personal example should motivate the introduction of principles of Sustainable development.