Carrier in the Company

JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk invites mining and metallurgical industry experts to work as independent directors on the Supervisory Boards of its subsidiaries. Please send your CV to the following email:

The main strategic capital and the main value of the Company is the human resource, the efficient work of which will provide successful solution of the assigned tasks. Building the effective system of professional development for employees is one of the most important priorities for us.

The goals of the HR Policy are:

1) ensuring the success of the Company’s investments by creating and supporting the development of human resources and talents for effective competition and ensuring the Company’s ability to adapt and respond to changes in the global, highly competitive and constantly developing market;

2) planning human resources through the staff potential assessment, forecasting future needs, identifying gaps in the required competencies and integrating with the strategic goals of the Company, a plan for attracting, retaining, developing and motivating professional and highly efficient employees with the necessary competencies;

3) creating a working atmosphere in the team in which employees will be maximally involved, highly productive, motivated and loyal to the Company;

4) development of a corporate culture focused on meritocracy, introduction of new models of behavior to achieve high labor productivity, “commercial thinking” and readiness for change. Governed by the principles of meritocracy, attraction, retaining, motivation and development of employees is based on increasing professionalism and expertise, employer’s value proposition, competitive remuneration with account of market benchmarks, encouraging the achievement of business results and recognition of merit. The active position of the Company in relation to the present and attracted employees, their constant personal and professional development, competitive remuneration tied to the achievement of goals, will increase the attractiveness of the Company as the best employer.

To ensure the transparency of the procedure for the competitive staff selection, a unified vacancy platform SAMRUK QYZMET was launched.