Occupational Health and Safety

National Mining Company Tau-Ken Samruk unconditionally complies with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the scope of labor safety and health protection. Our goal is to ensure the high level of the production reliability and production safety, compliance with the best industry standards. We also straight demand the responsible attitude to the industrial safety issues from our partners.

Our priorities:

  • Industrial Risk Management, timely identification and leveling of hazardous and harmful factors
  • Trouble-free operation and prevention of any technological failures might cause any negative impact to the people and the environment, ensuring the comfortable working environment
  • Active involvement of the employees and partners in the operation ensuring the safety and health protection
  • Continuous improvement of the labor safety and health protection methods and tools via monitoring, analysis and implementation of the best world practices
  • Ensuring transparency and accessibility of the safety and health protection related information

NMC Tau-Ken Samruk JSC constantly controls and monitors the subsidiaries’ activities in the scope of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protectionin accordance with the Rules of NMC Tau-Ken Samruk JSC interaction with subsidiaries in respect of industrial safety, labor protection and the environment. Quarterly Report on the main indicators is provided to the Members of the Company’ Management Board. In addition, the Company inspects the activities of its subsidiaries for compliance with legislation on labor protection, industrial safety and environmental legislation. Based on these inspections, Corrective Action Plans are developed to eliminate the identified inconsistencies and implementation of the above Plans is monitored.

This year, the Company jointly with HSE specialists of its subsidiaries has developed the basic procedures in the scope of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection in order to form the uniform requirements. Currently, subsidiaries approve and implement these procedures.

List of the corporate procedures in the scope of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection:

1.Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk management

2.General requirements for the equipment for personal and collective protection

3.General safety requirements when working overhead

4.General safety requirements when working in the confined spaces

5.General safety requirements when working in high and low temperatures

6.General safety requirements when carrying out the hot works

7.General safety requirements when working with highly toxic substances

8.General safety requirements when working with hand tools

9.General requirements for the standard equipment of the health center

10. First aid treatment to the injured person. Requirements for Paramedics

11.General safety requirements for underground works

12.General safety requirements for the operation of self-propelled vehicles in the mines.

13.Requirements for the explosive materials recording, storage and transportation

14.General requirements for transport safety

15.Electrical safety

16.General requirements for the machine guards

17.General requirements for insulation of energy sources

18.General requirements for blocking, locking devices

19.Investigation and record keeping of the accidents

20.General procedures 1. Contractor management

21.General procedures 2. Administrative and housekeeping part

22.General procedures 3. Emergency prevention and response (industrial safety and environmental protection)

23. Identification and management of environmental aspects

24. Prevention and clearance of spilled products

25.Industrial and household waste management, including scrap.

26.Chemical and raw materials management

27.Environmental monitoring of the transport and mechanisms.

28.Management of PCB containing and ozone depleting substances

Statistics of the industrial injuries

In addition, the Committee on labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) was established in line of the Reference model “Industrial Safety Management” in order to improve the HSE management system of the portfolio companies to implement the Synergistic project of Samruk-Kazyna JSC. The Committee included all portfolio companies of Samruk-Kazyna JSC. Managing Director for the asset management of Samruk-Kazyna NWF, Mr. Satkaliev A. M., was appointed as the Chairman of the Committee.

Current status of HSE management systems and existing issues in the portfolio companies are discussed in the Committee meetings. This Committee will facilitate the best practices exchange and resolve current HSE problems in the same media of the Fund.

Health and Safety Policy JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk