Personnel Policy Model

The Personnel Policy of NMC Tau-Ken Samruk JSC for 2018–2028 was drafted taking into account the international experience in the field of human resource management determining the governance system, principles, key areas and approaches to development of personnel potential, in accordance with the Personnel Policy of Samruk-Kazyna JSC for 2018–2028 and the Development Strategy of NMC Tau-Ken Samruk JSC for 2018–2028. It provides key areas and approaches to personnel management for the implementation of the mission and the stated strategic goals.

The goal of the Personnel Policy is to ensure the right balance between the processes of renewing and maintaining quantity and quality composition of personnel, its development in accordance with the demands of the Company, requirements of the current legislation and labour market condition.

Principles of efficient personnel management:

1. Treating personnel as long-term investment and the main corporate resource – the cost of personnel management activities should be covered by the results of production activities;

2. Mutual responsibility of employees and the Company for performing their duties and activities – using modern scientific developments in human resource management that could generate the maximum economic and social effect;

3. Recruitment and placement of personnel according to their professional and personal skills –focusing on the needs of business areas that involves systematic data collection based on specially designed forms reflecting quality and quantity indicators of human resources;

4. Systematic assessment of personnel performance – analysis of the quality of human resources in the Company and their compliance with the requirements set for a position taking into account strategic goals of the Company;

5. Timeliness and transparency in taking decisions on rewards and sanctions – developing a complex approach to enhancing loyalty and reducing personnel turnover, development of corporate culture;

6. Continuity of decisions taken as part of implementation of the Personnel Policy – continuity of knowledge, experience and traditions, focusing on personnel training and development.

Key areas of the Personnel Policy

  • effective employment of personnel;
  • enhanced corporate culture;
  • personnel training and development;
  • appraisal of personnel performance, personnel motivation.

Target indicators of the Personnel Policy Efficiency:

  • level of engagement
  • personnel turnover
  • share of appointed employees from the candidates’ pool (successors’ pool)
  • share of employees trained under the compulsory leadership development programme within a year

The number of authorized personnel of NMC Tau-Ken Samruk JSC at the beginning of 2019 makes 71 employees.