We contribute to the development of certain sectors of the mining and metallurgical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan by implementing projects jointly with strategic investors

Knowledge Management

Staff training and development is carried out in order to create and maintain the necessary qualification level of staff to meet the requirements and prospects of the strategic development.

Staff training and development is based on the following principles:

1. Systemic Approach – all the elements of the system of professional training and professional development must be subordinated to the strategic goal;

2. Dynamic and Flexible Approach – adjustment of goals and objectives should lead changes in purposes, directions, priorities, methods and forms of education;

3. Systematic and Continuous Approach – training and development should not bear episodic, but systematic and planned nature;

4. Performance – training and development should be accompanied by clear measurable criteria for evaluating the results achieved;

5. Practical Orientation – training and development should focus primarily on the formation of professional and business skills;

6. Joint Responsibility – the trainee employees, the coach (teacher), the head of the structural unit, the responsible structural unit are responsible for the effectiveness of training.

The Company provides a short-term and long-term professional training and development (advanced training) for the employees. The long-term studies are mainly recommended to employees enrolled in the personnel reserve and the Company strongly recommend the employees to solve the topical issues of the Company writing the thesis in training with awarding the scientific degree, and conduct a project work at internships or training without awarding the scientific degree.

On an annual basis, the timetable for employee training (advanced training) is drawn up and approved, which is formed on the basis of individual development plans of employees, agreed with the employee and the direct supervision.

At the end of short-term professional training at the expenses of the Company, the employee is required to work a certain period of time at the Company depending on the education costs.