A technology was developed for producing high-quality tungsten concentrate for Kazakhstan’s largest tungsten deposit

The new technology for enrichment of tungsten ore will ensure profitable operation of the mining and metallurgical complex at Verkhne-Kairaktinskoye field during the entire period of its operation. The start of production at this field will make Kazakhstan one of the key participants of the world tungsten market. Tungsten, considering its unique properties – extreme hardness, high density and refractoriness – is one of the most sought-after metals in the world.

Research and semi-industrial tests were carried out by order of Severny Katpar LLP on the basis of the leading research centers of the People’s Republic of China specializing in the processing of tungsten ores. Based on the data obtained, technological regulations have been developed for the design of an enrichment plant and a hydrometallurgical plant. The technological research carried out included work on the preliminary enrichment of ore, flotation enrichment of the pre-enrichment concentrate and hydrometallurgical processing of the flotation concentrate.

Gani Kulmukhamedov, Chief Technologist of Severniy Katpar:There is no arsenic in the flotation concentrate sample and, in general, a low content of foreign impurities.

The sample of ammonium paravolframate obtained from the flotation concentrate meets all regulatory requirements, high extraction of tungsten into the final product has been achieved.

The Verkhneye-Kairaktinskoye field is of strategic importance for Kazakhstan: the volume of resources according to JORC standards of the Measured+Indicated+Inferred category is 712 thousand tons of tungsten trioxide. However, due to the peculiarities of the mineral composition, previously developed technologies did not permit to count on a high level of extraction.

For information: The Verkhneye-Kairaktinskoye tungsten field is located in Shetsky district of Karaganda region, 130 km south of Karaganda. The operator of the field development project is Severniy Katpar LLP, a 100% subsidiary of JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk. The project feasibility study is under way.