A working visit of the delegation of JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» to Finland

The delegation of Deputy CEO of Management Board for Operations Izbaskhanov K.S.; Deputy CEO of Management Board of JSC «ShalkiyaZinc Ltd» Zhakselekov M.M.; Chief Managers of Departments Daribaev S.M., Kuspekova K.B. During the trip, the delegates visited the Company and headquarters of the Company «Оutotec»and«Boliden»in Rovaniemi, Kevitsa, Pyuhosalmi, Kokkola, Pori, Espoo (Helsinki).

During the visit, the delegates met with the management of the company «Оutotec», engineers, developers of innovative technologies and equipment in mining and metallurgical industry. Also, the delegates visited the manufacturing applying the technology and equipment of «Оutotec» and research center of the Company in Pori.

The delegates got acquainted with the following production assets of the technology and equipment:

  1. Mining and Processing Plant with a Mine in Kevitsa («Boliden»);
  2. Mining and Processing Plant with a Mine in Pyuhosalmi;
  3. Atmospheric Leaching Plant of the Company «Boliden» in Kokkola.


The presentation of new technologies and Research Center of the Company has been held in the main office of «Оutotec» in Espo. Also, the meeting was organized with representatives of the Finnish bank «Finnvera», who have extensive experience in lending facilities of mining and metallurgical industry in Finland and the world.

The preliminary talks on cooperation have been held with «Оutotec» on the following projects of JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk»: «Shalkiya», «Masalsky», «Alaigyr», «Creation of Scientific and Production Center». The parties discussed the financing schemes for projects of JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» with the participation of the Finnish bank «Finnvera». After a detailed discussion, it was decided to implementation the projects, the Company will provide the possibility of cooperation with the bank «Finnvera» in terms of possible lending.


After the meetings with the management representatives and top managers of «Outotec», the members of the delegation of JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» reached the following conclusions:

  • In implementation of the project «Shalkiya» at the second metallurgy stage there can be used the atmospheric leaching of bulk concentrate. Prior to that, it is necessary to provide mandatory testing of semi-conducting delivery of a representative sample to the research center of «Outotec» in Pori;
  • In implementation of projects «Shalkiya», «Masalsky», «Alaigyr» the involvement of «Outotec»should be provided in tender procedures for the procurement of equipment and engineering services, with the assistance of the research capacity of the company (research and production centers in Pori and Frankfurt am Main).