About us

JSC «Tau-Кen Samruk» National Mining Company is a vertically integrated company and was founded in accordance with №10 Resolution of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated January 15, in order to ensure the effective operation of subsoil use in the following fields:

  • Exploration, development, production, processing and marketing of solid minerals;
  • Effective management of transmitted Company shares of mining and metallurgic industry;
  • Development and introduction of new high-tech and efficient technologies in mining industry;
  • Reproduction of mineral resources potential of the republic;
  • Development of non-commercial reserves deposits.

«Tau-Ken Samruk» NMC» JSC is a group of companies of «Sovereign Wealth Fund «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC. «Tau-Ken Samruk» NMC» JSC is a partner of «Glencore International» and owns 29.82% shares in the authorized capital of LLP «Kazzinc».

Our Development Strategy

The Development Strategy of JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk for 2018-2028 was updated by the decision of the Board of Directors in 2020.

Mission: “We contribute to the development of certain sectors of the mining and metallurgical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan by implementing projects jointly with strategic investors.”

Company’s vision in 2028 – A company with a diversified portfolio of assets, a reliable strategic partner for a wide range of investors in the mining and metals sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has resources and is committed to the best standards in implementation of investment projects.

Priority metals are gold, copper, zinc, lead.

Strategic goals and initiatives:

1) Form a high-quality portfolio of assets.

To achieve the goal of creating a high-quality portfolio of assets, the Company plans the following strategic initiatives:

• The exit from non-key investment projects with low investment attractiveness.

• Timely completion of construction and achievement of design parameters for key investment projects.

• Search, assessment and implementation of new GEW projects also in the junior programs.

2) Attract strategic partners for the implementation of key projects.

To implement the goal of attracting strategic partners for the implementation of key projects, the Company plans the following strategic initiatives:

• Increasing the operational efficiency of assets.

• Improving investment performance.

• Digitalization program.

• Creation of flexible conditions for investors based on equality and mutual benefit.

• Raising the level of corporate governance.

• Development of human capital.

• Sustainable development initiatives.

The own capital of the Company as of 2020 amounted to 696 bln tenge. As of December 31, 2020, the Company assets amounted to 723.7 billion tenge, the net profit for the year reached 72.1 billion tenge.