Chairpersons of Samruk-Kazyna and Tau-Ken Samruk visited Shalkiya deposit

April 30, 2016 Chairman of Samruk-Kazyna U.Shukeev and Chairman of Tau-Ken Samruk M.Turmagambetov attended Shalkiya deposit in Kyzylorda region. During their visit, managers could see the results of ShalkiyaZinc LTD JSC – subsidiary owned by Tau-Ken Samruk JSC – for the last year as well as monitor implementation of Industrial Development of Shalkiya Polymetallic Deposit in Kyzylorda Region with Concentration Plant Construction.

As at the end of 2015, ShalkiyaZinc LTD JSC supplied electricity to the deposit and carried out a major repair of the access road. Therewith, five-storeyed administrative building with the canteen for 300 seats and dormitory with 160 accommodations were repaired.

Vydachnaya openings were restored after being in an emergency condition. From November 2014 up to present approximately 3,900m of excavation works performed. Repairing of pipe-cable raise to deliver ROM on the surface is completed.


11 houses with the conveniences intended for specialists have been built. Asoftoday, 5 ofthemarereadyforoperation. Carried out an overhaul reconditioning of the on-site storage, 35/6 kV and 6 kV substations, underground power supply networks, gathering pond, residential halls intended for engineering personnel with the capacity of 28 accommodations and hotels for 14 persons.


Mining equipment by Atlas Copco Swiss engineering company was purchased. Purchased and placed into operation the new pump stations (Caprari) on the level +100 and +40m, compressor and ventilation plant are systems, transformers, underground mine bus, ancillary equipment (refueller, vehicle for transportation of explosives, charging machine), surface machinery (buses for shifts transportation, trucks, loader, earthmover, excavator).


Construction of Shalkiya mining and processing plant as well as the gas-turbine power plant is scheduled for the beginning of the next year. Total project cost is USD 500 mln. Therefrom 350 mln will be financed by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Currently here the mining works and internal infrastructure development plan is upgraded. MPP operation is supposed to provide 1500 permanent work places.