Gold Refinery «Tau-Ken Altyn» obtained «GOOD DELIVERY» Certificate

“Tau-Ken Altyn” proved the highest quality of its products and obtained the worldwide recognition as a reliable vendor. The refinery producing the gold of 99.99% purity obtained the “Good Delivery” Certificate of the London Bullion Market Association, LBMA.

The precious metals with “Good Delivery” certificate may be accepted for trading by any world exchanges with no restrictions. Therefore, the value of refined gold produced under Tau-Ken Altyn brand significantly increases as the investment.

The certification procedure is quite complicated and has taken a lot of time: “Tau-Ken Altyn” Refinery passed several stages of audit, experts from the London Stock Exchange inspected the production processes, compliance of the refinery’s laboratory to the international requirements, and skill level of the staff. Besides the enterprise activities were strictly checked as well as its financial situation, and compliance with the “Guidelines for the Responsible Gold LBMA”.

“Good Delivery” Certificate is not only confirmation of the gold compliance to the international standards (fineness, size, weight, appearance of ingots), as well as the guarantee of its absolute legal purity, reliability, transparency and good reputation of the enterprise.

REFERENCE: “Tau-Ken Altyn” Refinery is 100% subsidiary of “Tau-Ken Samruk NMC” JSC. It is located at the territory of the industrial park of the Special Economic Zone “Astana – New City”. Production capacity is 25 tons of refined gold and 50 tons of refined silver per annually.