Exploration of Gold at South-Moiynty Area in Karagandy Region

Type of Minerals

Major Elements: Gold (Au)

Infrastructure and Description of the Area

Administratively, the South Moiynty area belongs to Aktogay district of Karagandy region, and located at 30 km to the east from the Moiynty railway station. The total area of South Moiynty area is 220 sq. km. The working area is economically poor developed.

Brief project Description

The Site is located in the axial part of the Tassaral-Kyzyespin anticlinorium formed of the Proterozoic metamorphic sediments, the Upper Devonian intrusions and Lower Silurian igneous-sedimentary rocks. Weathered layers and proluvial-deluvial deposits are well represented on the field. Here twenty five quartz-veined gold mineral occurrences, four polymetallic occurrences and two rare earths are concentrated. Gold mineralization confine to the extended areas of quartz veins striking east-west. Zones extend up to 10 km. Sub-meridional strike zones 2, 3, 4, 5 with the total extension up to 50 km and thickness >100m and two zones striking east-west 1 (Kyzyl-Kabyrga) and IV-a are identified within the area. Gold content as per float sampling and in bedrock cuts is 1-5 g/t to 30-50 g/t. In 1991, the field was estimated as highly prospective in terms of quartz-veined mineralization as well as with regard to gold-bearing deluvial-proluvial placer deposit and weathered layers.

Reserves/Resources and Brief Description of Geology

Geological exploration of the contract area was conducted in 2015-2016.

As a result, geological structure of the area was described in more details, while the gold-bearing quartz vein zones within the site №3, 4, Kyzylkabyrga were assessed and complex halos were identified based on the lithochemical survey.

Lithochemical survey resulted in delineation of the prospective complex secondary halos of lead, zinc, copper and barite in the eastern, western and central part of the Contract Area. P3 category inferred resources of the secondary halos have been calculated to the 100m depth by extrapolation areal productivity method.

To assess the mineralization area along the strike and to depth, mountain and drilling works were carried out on 11 gold ore objects – quartz-vein zones, veins within the plots No. 3, 4 and Kyzylkabyrga. Within these zones, ore bodies with a thickness of 0,1 to 20 m with gold contents in samples from 0.5 g / t to 126.9 g / t and average contents of 1.38 g / t to 9.73 g / t have been identified. For selected bodies, reserves were calculated and gold resources of 8.4 tons were estimated with an average content of 3.1 g / t.

Current Status and Summary of Planned Activities

In 2017, exploration activities have been suspended. Field materials were analyzed during 2015-2016. At this moment, we are looking for potential partners / investors for the further project implementation.