Invitation for construction of a combined cycle power plant

Tau-Ken Samruk JSC is considering construction of gas-fired combined cycle power plant (CCP) to meet the needs in electricity and heat energy as well as to enhance reliability of power supply to Shalkiya mining and processing complex.

Shalkiya Lead-Zinc Deposit is located in Zhanakorgan district, near Shalkiya village of Kyzylorda region. Start-up of the namesake mining complex with the Concentrator in the direct proximity (provided for full mining and processing operations), is scheduled for 2018.

Designed capacity of the CCPP will be ≈ 75-80 MW. The list of essential equipment shall include:

o2 gas turbine units with the capacity ≈ 30 MW each;

o2 heat-recovery boilers;

o1 steam turbine ≈ 20 MW;

otransformers 220kV/6-10kV (LV side shall be determined by the equipment supplier);

oAuxiliary equipment.

CPP needs to support the following operation modes:

1.Gas turbine operation without heat-recovery boiler;

2.Gas turbine with heat-recovery boiler + steam turbine in condensing and/or cogeneration (heat-extraction) mode;

3.Two gas turbines operating without heat-recovery boiler;

4.Two gas turbines with heat-recovery boilers + steam turbine in condensing and/or cogeneration (heat-extraction) mode;

5.Heat-recovery boilers + steam turbine in condensing and/or cogeneration mode.

Heat recovery boilers shall have a burner to work without gas turbines. The thermal capacity of the CPP for heating and hot water supply should be at least 13-15 Gcal.

Construction of CPP is subject to EPC contracting on a turnkey basis. The project shall include the entire necessary infrastructure (gas pipeline, the scheme of power distribution, water supply, sewerage, etc.). It is assumed that supplier will propose financing of the project.

All interested companies may obtain further information at the address as follows:

Tau-Ken Samruk JSC

Floor 13, Block B

8 Kunayev street, Emerald Square Business Center

Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan

Contact persons:

1.Bakhytzhan Yussupov

+7717255 9184


+7 7172 559365