JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk will contribute to the development of the domestic industry of rare (RM) and rare earth metals (REM)

At the first stage, Tau-Ken Samruk began collecting, updating and analyzing the analytical data on the availability of the resource base, production and technological capacities. For these purposes, a series of discussion meetings with participation of representatives of the national companies was held with experts who possessed the necessary knowledge and competence in the field of REM.

Global demand for some kinds of rare earth metals is quite high, and exceeds supply. The demand for elements of the rare-earth group is termed by a wide range of their applications in radio electronics, engineering, nuclear industry, chemical sector, defense and space industries. Today, China is an unconditional monopolist at REM market.

Kazakhstan has significant potential opportunities for expanding the production of rare and rare earth metals. There are several deposits in the country containing about 40 kinds of rare and rare earth metals. For example, Karagailyaktas, Zhanet, Kundybai, Akhmetkino, Novo-Akhmirovskoye and others. In addition, the experts talk about the great prospects for the extraction of precious, rare and rare earth metals by processing technogenic mineral formations, as well as from spent uranium production wells.

The development of the rare and rare earth metals industry will stimulate the creation of high-tech manufactures of high redistribution, which, in turn, will increase the competitiveness of the domestic economy.

The main reasons why mining companies have so far shown low interest in such an interesting direction is the high cost of mining and enrichment of REM, the lack of adequate technological schemes and equipment.

After summarizing and analyzing data received from the expert community, Tau-Ken Samruk will determine the list of rare earth metals, extraction and processing of which will have a positive economic effect, as well as the most appropriate technological schemes.