​JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» took part in the 6th International Congress «ASTANA MINING & METALLURGY»

This year «The industrial policy of MMC: Investment, Modernization, Production» was the main topic of the Congress. Within the large-scale event there held the forums, business meetings and exhibition for MMC: mining, geology and metallurgy.

The session for Mining «The Issues of Mining and Potential Opportunities» was held under the moderating of Karim Damir, Managing Director for Strategy and Business Transformation – Member of the Management Board of JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» (hereinafter – the Company). As part of the session the reports were presented by Vice-Minister for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Albert Rau, CEO of Board of Directors of LLP «KazzincHoldings» Nikola Popovich, CEO of the Management Board of the Research Center ERG Agibay Sabitov, Chief Executive Officer of the Turkish holding company «Yildirim» Alp Malazgirt, Chief Director for Investments of Carsten Felstera International Finance Corporation, Trade Representative of Australia to Russia and the CIS Duncan Cole.

JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» was presented by the Director of Project Management Department and Capital Construction Serik Musurmankulov with presentation: «Innovative Solutions in Mining the «Shalkiya» deposit. In his speech he mainly talked about the new technologies that will be applied to the «Shalkiya»lead and zinc mine for opening deposit, lifting and transporting the mined ore.

The transfer technology will save time and shorten the construction period, will contribute to improving the quality of operations as well as lower operating costs to ore mining. To date, these innovative technologies are among the most advanced in the world and successfully used in large mining and processing enterprises of Russia, Austria and Australia.


«AMM 2015» hosted the annual exhibition presenting about 40 companies from 9 countries. This year a new section of the exhibition was opened «Made in Kazakhstan for MMC», demonstrating the products made in Kazakhstan. At the exhibition JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» exhibited product samples of refinery «Tau-Ken Altyn» and silicon plant «Tau-KenTemir» that are subsidiaries of the Company.

There were also presented the investment projects of the Company: «Exploration of copper, lead, barite at Tuyuk Temirlinsky ore district in Almaty region», «Exploration of copper, gold and associated components of the Spassky copper ore zone in Karaganda region», «Exploration of gold at Shokpar and Gagarinsky deposits in Zhambyl region», «Mining the polymetallic ores at Alaigyr deposit in Karaganda region», «Extraction and processing of iron ore at Masalsky deposit in Akmola region», «Industrial processing of polymetallic ores at Shalkiya deposit in Kyzylorda region».

On the second day of the Congress B2B meetings were held between representatives of JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk»and management of large companies in Russia, Ukraine and France. During the talks, the foreign delegates expressed interest in participating in the implementation of several investment projects. Also, the possibility of transfer was discussed for innovative technologies used in the production of French companies – «green» technologies – wind power, environmental solutions in waterproofing, new methods of processing and agglomeration of ore.

In its turn, the representatives of JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk»noted to consider the proposals and organize meetings for further negotiation. B2B format business meetings were initiated by foreign companies, as a result JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk»held 14 meetings.

The Congress was attended by about 600 delegates from 18 countries. The speakers of the Congress were the top managers of national companies, large mining and metallurgical, service companies and international agencies, representatives of science and business from Australia, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and France.

Organizers of «AMM 2015» noted that the Congress serves as the preparation for the World Mining Congress 2018 in Astana.

AMM 2015 was held with the official support and participation of the «Samruk-Kazyna», «Tau-Ken Samruk», «Kazgeology», «AGMP», «NPP», «World Mining Congress» and «CERBA».

Organizers of the «AMM 2015» are The Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan exhibition company Iteca and its international partner ITE Group Plc (UK).