Meeting with investors

Senior executive officers of Tau-Ken Samruk Company held another round of negotiations with potential investors on matters of tungsten deposits development in Karaganda region. Upper Kairakty and Northern Katpar tungsten deposits were partially explored several decades ago, but exploration could not be started. Implementation of the project is a difficult task, both technically and technologically, which requires the use of unique enrichment and processing technologies, significant financial costs and has a rather high risk, accordingly. In order to confirm the deposit capacity, independent international financial, technical and legal auditors were involved. There was a meeting with investors organized in Xiamen city in China, and their reports were heard there as well as presentation made by management of Tau-Ken Samruk. Summarizing the results of discussion, it was decided to sign an agreement with a group of investors from China and Japan on the details of the joint implementation of the project in September.