MINEX Kazakhstan 2022

The MINEX Forum has been organised in Kazakhstan since 2010 and is one of the most significant
industry events in the Central Asian region. The last time MINEX Kazakhstan forum was held in a
physical format in 2019. It brought together more than 450 executives from 16 countries representing
152 companies and organisations. More than 600 people attended the trade show, and more than 80
experts presented at the Forum. In March 2021, a virtual 3D exhibition was launched on the digital
platform of the Forum, creating unique presentation and communication capabilities in an interactive
format using virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies. In September 2021, the 11th MINEX
Kazakhstan forum was held online. The Forum has gathered remotely more than 700 participants from
Kazakhstan and overseas.

In the upcoming on 6 – 7 April MINEX Kazakhstan 2022 Forum, over 300 in-person and over 1,000
remote participants are expected. During the two days of the Forum, there are planned over 70
presentations from experts from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Great Britain, Germany,
Australia, Finland, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Spain.

A broad discussion of the challenges, trends, and initiatives in the mining and geological industry is
organised at the Forum. Heads and experts from Ministries and companies will discuss actions taken
by the government and businesses to strengthen Kazakhstan’s capacity to implement strategic
development priorities and increase the country’s participation in the global production on critical raw

Main topics of the Forum

Development of mineral resource potential
Exploration – Resources for Growth and Efficiency
Decarbonisation and carbon neutrality
Technological transformation and digitalisation
Mining Sustainability Development Programs
Technological and social aspects of field closures
ESG investments and financing in the mining industry
The Forum’s agenda is published on the minexkazakhstan.com website.

The Forum will include a discission on new mining investment opportunities in Kazakhstan and Central
Asia countries. With the participation of national and international companies, stock exchanges and
institutional investors, a discussion will be held on the prospects for organising financing and attracting
investments in projects related to subsoil use and achieving carbon neutrality.

At the technical sessions of the Forum, projects and cases of creating digital twins of deposits, the
transition to renewable energy sources, decarbonisation of production, environmental monitoring and
industrial safety, financing of ESG projects, closure of deposits and reclamation of subsoil use facilities,
etc. will be presented.


One of the crucial components of the Forum is the presentation of innovative technologies and subsoil
use practices. At the exhibition, organised alongside the Forum, a presentation of more than 40
international technology and service companies developing projects in Kazakhstan will take place.
During the two days of the exhibition, 16 companies from Kazakhstan, Russia, Great Britain and Canada
will present at the Business Tracks sessions.


The digitalisation of industrial production is one of the priorities of Kazakhstan’s economic development.
According to official estimates, the digitalisation of mining production can increase the efficiency of
almost all enterprises in the mining and metallurgical industry by 10-15 percent and reduce the cost of
mining and transportation operations. At small and medium-sized enterprises, this potential is up to
50% or more. Many enterprises in the mining and metallurgical industry in Kazakhstan have already
formed a strategy for the digital transformation of production and are studying the possibilities of
introducing Industry 4.0 technologies to improve the efficiency of individual enterprises and large
integrated production complexes.

For the first time, a MineDigital – Kazakhstan competition of digital transformation technologies for
enterprises in the mining and metallurgical industry is being organised alongside the Forum.

The purpose of the MineDigital competition is to present advanced cases and technologies of digital
transformation technologies and assess the potential for their implementation at the mining and
metallurgical enterprises in Kazakhstan.

Learn more: https://2022.minexkazakhstan.com/
The information is provided by the Forum’s Press Service.