Severniy Katpar LLP

The main activity of the LLP is combined exploration and production of tungsten-molybdenum ores at Northern Katpar and Upper Kairakty fields. The sole participant of Severniy Katpar LLP is Tau-Ken Samruk NMC JSC.

Project Objective:

Design and construction of a quarry, dressing plant and hydrometallurgical plant with a full infrastructure.

By the Resolution  of the Board of Directors of the JSC Tau-Ken Samruk NMC dated 12.03.2020, Arkady Ligai was appointed to  the position of General Director of Severniy Katpar LLP since March 12, 2020.

Contact details: office 807, building 49/6, Bukhar Zhyrau avenue, district named after Kazybek Bi, Karaganda city, Karaganda region, M06F3A4.