«Northern Katpar» LLP

The main activity of the LLP is combined exploration and production of tungsten-molybdenum ores at Northern Katpar and Upper Kairakty fields. The sole participant of «Northern Katpar» LLP is «Tau-Ken Samruk» NMC» JSC.

Project Objective:

Design and construction of a quarry, dressing plant and hydrometallurgical plant with a full infrastructure.

Project Status:

-A technological regulation was developed for the design of a dressing plant and hydrometallurgical processing facility for processing ore from the Northern Katpar deposit;

-Technological research is performing on the Upper Kairakty ore;

-Exploration works are carried out in accordance with the JORC Code and requirements of the State Reserves Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at Northern Katpar and Upper Kairakty fields.

By the Resolution  of the Board of Directors of the JSC Tau-Ken Samruk NMC dated 12.03.2020, Arkady Ligai was appointed to  the position of General Director of Northern Katpar LLP since March 12, 2020.

Contact details: office 807, building 49/6, Bukhar Zhyrau avenue, district named after Kazybek Bi, Karaganda city, Karaganda region, M06F3A4.