Tau-Ken Altyn gold refinery plant is looking to cooperate with gold-bearing rock suppliers for further processing on the terms of direct purchase or on a tolling basis.

The end products of the plant are pellets, standard and dimensional gold and silver bullions with a fineness of at least 99.99%. The quality of refined gold, as well as the reliability of the company as a business partner, is guaranteed by the “Good Delivery” certificate of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Technical processes meet the highest international standards in the field of precious metals refining and all environmental requirements. The main volume of gold produced at the moment is used to replenish the state gold and forex reserves. The Tau-Ken Altyn refinery is ready to accept for processing the Dore alloy, cathode, alluvial gold and jewelry scrap with a minimum gold percentage of 10%. Partnership proposals should be sent via e-mail: info@taukenaltyn.kz