The II International Metallurgical Summit “Metals and Alloys. Kazakhstan”

Industrial leaders gathered in Almaty to exchange experience and discuss current trends in the development of the industry. Participants share successful practices of increasing production efficiency, current innovative solutions of service companies and equipment manufacturers.

Aidar Nurlanov, the Chief Technologist of Tau-Ken Altyn Refining Plant, made a presentation on the topic of vacuum distillation of silver. The unique technology is patented as ALS Acidless Separation. It was developed by Russian specialists, and implemented constructively by engineers of the Italian company IKOI. 

Aidar Nurlanov spoke in detail about the distillation process and the features of the equipment used.

Vacuum distillation of silver is the separation of the Dore alloy into gold and silver in a furnace at the temperature of up to 14800 C and a pressure of 10-4 atmospheres. The use of this technology has made it possible to accelerate the production of precious metals of the highest quality, reduce operating costs and prevent harmful emissions into the atmosphere.