КурсивЪ: Industrialization boosts MMC projects

The second stage construction of Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant (KEP-2) is scheduled for 2018, Industrial Development and Industrial Safety Committee under the Ministry of Investments and Development (MID) said in response to questions of Къ. To date, the project specifications are under designing process.

Another Electrolysis Plant (KEP-2) assumed in the base case has two production lines with the capacity 140 thousand tons of primary aluminum and anode manufacture expansion approximately by 150 thousand tons of baked anodes, given 530 thousand tons of primary aluminum produced by KEP-1 and KEP-2. The second stage of Electrolysis Plant construction is scheduled for 2018. First production output and sales is anticipated in 2021, industry department informed.

According to the Ministry in charge of industrialization, to date, the project specifications are under designing process. Based on ERG request, a Chinese Project Partner represented by China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd (NFC) has provided a technical quotation to project realization options. Feasibility Study approval is expected in 2017. Silk Road China Fund, who can participate in the share capital, qualified the project as its priority to finance, the relevant Government Agency explained.

According to www.abctv.kz, in 2016, Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant (KEP) produced 235 thousand 566.25 tons of primary aluminum, thus, production volumes increased by 6.3% at annual rate. In 2017, the company, whose more than 90% is exported, intends to increase output by 6.8% – up to 251 thousand 644 tons.

When asked by Къ about rare earth metals, representatives of the Industrial Development and Industrial Safety Committee said that in 2018 production of cobalt-nickel ores for 1.9 million tons is anticipated due to scheduled launching of SAT Nickel LLP alongside Ognevskiy Mining and Processing Plant expected to achieve 15 thousand tons of ilmenite concentrate production.

According to the Committee’s data, for the period from 2014 to 2016, over 11 km of capital mine workings at production levels and above 750 m of mine openings and capital workings for 3 months of the current year have been completed at Shalkiya Project in Kyzylorda region owned by Tau-Ken Samruk National Company. Construction of Mining and Processing Plant is scheduled for November 2017. Its commissioning along with the tailings storage facility is scheduled for the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2019.

Massalsky Titanomagnetite Project in Akmola region is planning to start ore mining up to 15 million tons per year followed by concentrate processing at the metallurgical plant specialized in production of high quality steel with 1.5 million tons annual capacity intending to introduce the direct iron reduction method, the Ministry said. According to the Ministry, currently pilot testing supported by CNTIC from China is completed to ensure the Technological Guarantees and Technological Regulations based on the results. During the next two years, preparation and signing of the turnkey contract and credit agreement are planned. Moreover, this period will cover engineering and geological works, development of design-estimate documentation related to mining and metallurgical complex and infrastructure. In addition, the project would require the land to be registered for infrastructure facilities and payments to indemnify agricultural losses.

The Committee of MID specifies that Massalsky Project is expecting to have amendments into designed deposit commercial development and subsoil use contract. Therewith, Tau-Ken Samruk is preparing an application to the Ministry for signing a state preferences investment contract. Commissioning of Mining and Metallurgical Plant is expected in the 4th quarter of 2021, the Ministry forecasts.