Preparation Operations and Launch of Plant for Metallurgical Silicon Production in Karagandy region


Metallurgical Silicon

Infrastructure and Description of the Area

The plant is located in the Oktyabrsky district of Karagandy region, from January 1, 2016 is a member of “Saryarka” SEZ. The plant is located near the CHP Plant 3. The geographic location favors its competitiveness in terms of raw materials and end products logistics, both road and rail transportation are possible – located near the national significance highway A-17 Kyzylorda-Pavlodar – the plant has haul roads, own dead-end siding, concrete platforms for receiving goods, indoor and outdoor storage facilities for raw materials and end products..

Brief Description

At a meeting of the Council for the mining and metallurgical industry, geology and subsoil use of solid minerals at the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dated December 5, 2013, JSC «Investment Fund of Kazakhstan» and JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» were charged to study the restoration of production of metallurgical silicon in Karaganda region. Thus, the project involves the execution of works on the launch preparation of the plant for the industrial production of silicon metal with capacity of 23 900 tons per annum and the purity of at least 98.5%, within the framework of the concluded Cooperation agreement with JSC «Investment Fund of Kazakhstan» in December 2013.

Current Status and Summary of Planned Activities

Now, Tau-Ken Temir LLP is the only operating manufacturer of technical silicon in Kazakhstan. The production complex of the plant is represented by two ore-thermal furnaces with a total capacity of 30 MVA each and auxiliary technological equipment. With the launch of RTP-2 in 2015, the current capacity of production is 21,000 tons / year with the prospect of increasing in 2017 to 23,000 tons / year due to the planned introduction of additional automated processing facilities and modernization of the existing technological cycle. The design capacity of the plant (passport) is 23,900 tons of metallurgical silicon per year.

Additional Information and Notes

Project management is carried out by subsidiary of Joint-stock company «Tau-Ken Samruk» National Mining Company» – Limited Liability Partnership «Tau-KenTemir» .