Production and Processing of Polymetallic Ores at Alaigyr Deposit

Type of Minerals

Major Elements: Lead (Pb), Associated Elements: Silver (Ag)

Infrastructure and Description of the Area

Alaigyr deposit is in Karagandy region, at the border and Karkaraly and Shet districts, 130 km south-east from Karagandy city. 60 km to the south-west the administrative center of Shet district, Aksu Ayuly village is located. The nearest settlements are Akshoky farm located 24 km to the west of the deposit. Distance from the railway Karaganda-Karagaily is 80 km away. Nearest mining enterprise Karagaily mine is located 80 km north-east of the deposit.

Brief Description

The deposit is located in the eastern part Uspensky Synclinorium (Uspensky crumple zones). The structure of the deposit area is involved by terrigenous-carbonate formations and spilite-siliceous-terrigenous formations of Tournasian-Famennian age, as well as coal-bearing parallel formation of subalkalic rhyolite porphyry of Early Permian age. It is lead mineralization in the area is associated with rhyolite subvolcanic bodies. The deposit extends into the sub-latitudinal direction 2850 m and conditionally divided into 3 sections: West – length of 1240 m (14 ore bodies), Middle – 700 m (7 ore bodies) and East – 770 m (11 ore bodies). Ore bodies are represented by steeply dipping lenticular deposits of vein-disseminated nest-lead ores. According to the sizes the average forms are allocated (ore body 2) and small (size of body 1, 3, 24, 28).

The deposit area is among the most elevated part of Central Kazakhstan, being located slightly north of the centerline of the Balkhash-Kura watershed.

Characteristic feature of the area is a mix of low-mountain terrain sections (absolute level of 1000-1200 m) sharing their wide valleys and Upland (absolute marks of 800-900 m). The relative excess of the hills above the valleys reach 150-250 m.

The deposit is located at the foot of the northern slopes of the mountains Zhaksy-Karazhal (1088 m) and Alaigyr (1012 m) and is confined to low elevations with dissected slopes. The absolute marks within the area of the deposit varies from 865 to 930 m, the relative excess ores output over the bottoms reach 25-30 m.

The climate is continental with cold winters and moderately hot, dry summers.

Reserves/Resources and Brief Description of Geology

Current Status and Summary of Planned Activities

The land lot for subsoil operations and facilities construction has been registered.

State out-of-department expert opinion of Project FS was issued. Project Master Plan has been approved. Construction and installation of power plant and camp facilities to be used during the construction period are in process. Laboratory testing of samples is carried out to determine the oxidized and sulfide ores. Based on the tests results, the Plant design and estimate documentation will be developed.

Additional Information and Notes

Project management is carried out by subsidiary of Joint-stock company «Tau-Ken Samruk» National Mining Company» – Limited Liability Partnership «Joint Venture «Alaigyr» .