Refinery in Astana


Refined gold and silver.

Infrastructure and Description of the Area

Refinery is located in the territory of free economic zone «Astana – New City» in Astana.

Brief Description

Manufacturing complex and deep processing of gold-bearing raw material with the capacity of 25 tons of gold and 50 tons of silver annually.

The project was developed in accordance with the best world analogues in refining the precious metals. When choosing the refining technology one of the main selection criteria was the use of environmental friendly processes. In accordance with this electrochemical method was chosen for the technology of refining the precious metals, used in combination with equipment in the process, ensuring complete environmental safety.

Currently, the plant is able to produce refined precious metals in the form of bank bullion bars (standard and measured 50 grams) and pellet allowed to circulation on the international markets. Commissioning the plant provided the creation of 74 new permanent jobs.

Current Status and Summary of Planned Activities

The production program for 2018 envisages production of 20 tons of refined gold.
For the period from 2014 to April 1, 2018, 51.7 tons of refined gold and 20.7 tons of refined silver were produced.
In 2018 it is planned to work on obtaining the status of Good Delivery

Additional Information and Notes

Project management is carried out by a subsidiary of the Joint-stock company «Tau-Ken Samruk» National Mining Company» – Limited liability partnership «Tau-Ken Altyn».