Nur-Sultan – the clean and safe city!

Make the capital is cleaner, is more beautiful and is more greener, it is fascinating to spend time and to communicate to colleagues in the atmosphere far from office.
The young staff of ”NMN “Tau-Ken Samruk”Oil and Gas Company joined the action organized by the Center of social cooperation and communications (CSCC).
Many came with children especially for whom, by the way, organized a cheerful entertainment program with participation of heroes of the famous comics -Grut and the Iron Man.


Adults on a personal example showed kids what is care of the world around, a careful and responsible attitude to the nature.
An action result – 130 young saplings appeared on the avenue along one of busy highways of the capital, and it means that air which we breathe and our children, will be a little purer.


And one more pleasant bonus – when the ordinary employee, the Head of Department and the executive director, having gone into sleeves, having taken shovels and buckets in hand, work shoulder to shoulder, the strong command spirit and high level of corporate culture become a part of the life of the company.