Public hearings

LLP JV Alaigyr held public hearings on project materials for obtaining environmental impact permits for industrial sites of the Alaigyr field. The facility is located on the border of Shetsky and Karkaraly districts, and therefore the hearings were held in two villages – Akshoky and Besoba.

The representatives of local executive bodies, the customer, the designer (Eco-Logic IE) and local residents attended public hearings.

The organizers presented full information regarding environmental protection, told about the features of the projected treatment facilities.

Representatives of the public, in addition to the environmental component of the project, are traditionally concerned about social issues, they expressed their wishes on the possibilities of educating local children in higher educational institutions at the expense of the funds of LLP JV Alaigyr LLP, the availability of vacancies and employment requirements, the company’s assistance in cleaning the territories of nearby villages and road facilities.

Considering comments and suggestions of the local community, the project materials have been agreed, the Minutes of the public hearings will be published on the platform and the website of the local executive body. Now the materials will be submitted to the state environmental expertise.