JV Alaigyr LLP to Finance the Training of Students in the Specialties to Be in Demand at the Constructed Mining and Processing Plant

The training program for Kazakhstani personnel is designed to equip the enterprise with qualified employees.  The specialists with diplomas in geology and exploration of mineral deposits, mineral processing, mining, automation and management, electric power are top requested for the company. We also need specialists in technological machines and equipment, transport, transport equipment and technologies.

Now, 26 people have received the opportunity to get a profession or improve their qualifications, 83 more will be trained until 2026, by the way, not only employees of JV Alaigyr LLP, but also other citizens of the republic can participate in the program.

Training in the Kazakhstani universities and colleges for applicants who have passed the competitive selection is completely free of charge. In turn, the participants of the program must ensure a high level of academic performance, lack of absenteeism and work in JV Alaigyr LLP after graduating from the universities and colleges for 3 years.