Samruk-Kazyna about the Personnel Renewal of the Fund Group

Today, a press briefing by Gibrat Auganov, the Managing Director of the Fund for Public Relations, Social and Labor Relations and Occupational Safety, took place at the Samruk-Kazyna site. He shared the results of work in 2022 and perspectives for the future, and answered the questions of journalists.

New Leaders – the Kazakhstani Professionals

According to Gibrat Auganov, the last year began with large-scale changes in the management of the Fund. The number of top managers has been halved, three out of five managing directors have been replaced. During the year, personnel changes also affected the Samruk-Kazyna Group.

The heads of 8 of the 12 largest companies were replaced: KazMunayGas, QazaqGaz, Kazatomprom, Samruk-Energy, Kazpost, Qazaq Air, Tau-Ken Samruk, Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu. These and other appointments are published publicly in the tg-channel @samrukazynaofficial.

Another innovation was the promotion of Kazakhstani specialists to senior positions. Just in a year, 10 foreign managers were replaced by Kazakhstani professionals. The first heads of Qazaq Air and Passenger Transportation JSC, as well as the Vice President of Air Astana are among them. The number of foreigners on the boards of directors and supervisory boards is also decreasing. During the year, it decreased from 23 to 14 people (by 40%).

The promotion of Kazakhstani professionals is a purposeful policy of Samruk-Kazyna, carried out on behalf of the Head of State. The Fund actively attracts members of the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve as managers. In the Fund itself, 3 out of 5 managing directors are young graduates of the PYPR.

Innovations in Employment

Psychological checks and polygraph (lie detector) tests for those candidates for managers whose competencies will include procurement have become another bright innovation. Just in a year, 133 candidates for 52 companies of the Samruk-Kazyna Group were tested on a lie detector. 27 of them did not pass the inspection and were not employed.

As Gibrat Auganov noted, the new personnel policy also applies to ordinary employees. There are the principles of Samruk-Kazyna transparency and equal opportunities for all. In 2022, the unified recruiting portal of the Samruk Qyzmet Fund Group started its work in full force. During the year, the number of applicants there increased by 60% to 134 thousand, 7,300 people were employed through the portal. Any citizen can visit the website and respond to current vacancies throughout Kazakhstan.

Charity and Openness to the Society

The Samruk-Kazyna Group has carried out a lot of work over the year in the field of social responsibility, and it has reported about it recently at the open event in Astana. Gibrat Auganov recalled that in 2022, the unified operator of charitable projects Samruk-Kazyna Trust implemented 43 social projects throughout Kazakhstan. About 500 thousand citizens received assistance. The charitable budget of the Samruk-Kazyna Group for charity was increased by 40% to KZT10 billion.

As for occupational safety, the Fund joined the Vision Zero international concept and began to improve the industrial safety management system. Workshops, exercises and courses are held constantly on improving the working conditions. This resulted in a 16% reduction in injuries compared to 2021.

In addition, in 2022, Samruk-Kazyna strengthened its openness to the society and the media. The Public Council was established at the Fund, 13 of its meetings were held. It gathered 230 leading Kazakhstani experts who provided 118 recommendations to the Fund’s management.

Cooperation with the media has been strengthened for transparent coverage of the work of the Fund Group. During the year, 19 press briefings were held, 183 press releases were published and almost 2 thousand messages were posted on social networks. Gibrat Auganov assured journalists that in 2023 Samruk-Kazyna would continue to adhere to the principles of openness and promptly notify society and the press about all aspects of the work.

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