The Shalkiya Mine to Hold a Training Session on Elimination of a Conditional Fire

Today, the skills of localization and liquidation of a fire in the mine, as well as emergency evacuation of personnel to the surface were conducted at the production site of ShalkiyaZinc LTD JSC. During the exercises, algorithms of joint actions of emergency services and workers in the event of an emergency were tested. Employees of ShalkiyaZinc and contractors participated   in the training session: the branch of the emergency rescue service of CRH MPERS LLP (Centralised Republican Headquarters of Militarized Professional Emergency Rescue Services), Kingka Mining Construction LLP , Sherif-H LLP, representatives of interested government agencies, Tau-Ken Samruk JSC and Samruk-Kazyna JSC.

According to the tactical plan, the dispatching service of the enterprise received a message about the explosion of a gas cylinder within the mine space, the collapse of the roof of the mine and the subsequent ignition of an electric cable.

Two departments consisting of 11 mountain rescuers were sent to the place of the conditional fire, 2 units of high-terrain special equipment, 1 ambulance and a fire tanker truck based on KAMAZ were involved. 4 mobile posts were set up at the emergency exits from the underground mine to help evacuate miners and redirect them to the collection point.

Following the results of the training session, a technical meeting was held at the mine, where the degree of readiness of all services for possible emergencies was discussed and the importance of preventive measures was marked, including monitoring the technical condition of equipment and training workers in the field of industrial safety. In general, the conduct of emergency response drills received a good rating.