Training on improving staff assessment was held in Tau-Ken Samruk

Management of
Tau-Ken Samruk JSC attended the training on staff assessment held from 22 to 25
February 2016. The idea of training was to introduce assessment of administrative
and management staff within the Road map to Transformation Program as well as to
provide the concept of employee assessment by a manager.

The training
program included the following case studies:

  • integration of staff
    assessment into the system;
  • work planning;
  • scope of competence and competency;
  • leading to success;
  • summarizing the results
    of the review period.

Staff assessment is
supposed to enable a fair performance estimation by the management based on the
results of the review period, as well as high level of skills, expertise and
potential. Whereas, managers will be able to get clear understanding about professional
competence of their employees and set forth an action plan of their further
development to provide better performance in achieving strategic targets of the

Aibek Izhanov – Managing
Director for Geology and Subsoil Use – Member
of Tau-Ken Samruk JSC Board:

“Upon completion of the training with its ambitious program,
where each of case studies could be a subject-matter for a separate training (planning,
competency assessment, effective feedback, time management, coaching), I felt a
kind of alteration in my outlook, I got more knowledge and skills in terms of
how to encourage myself and others. Coach
Vladimir Shikov succeeded in triggering the process that will help me to develop
necessary skills, specify my steps forward to achieve better performance. It should be highlighted that personal development
trainings of similar nature are essential in Company’s aspiration to transformation
in present day conditions for achieving goals of Tau-Ken Samruk JSC Strategy of

Dinara Yussupova – Acting Head
of Tau-Ken Samruk JSC Internal Audit Service:

“Each person is unique and talented by nature and has an
individual potential. However, not everyone can identify them and much less can
use them in their work. As a result, a person fails to realize his potential in
the career or creative activities that may affect the result of his work. This training
gave me an understanding of various methods to assess employees. New knowledge we
gained will let us identify unrevealed potentials of each employee and use them
to improve work processes that will definitely contribute to Company’s
efficient operation”.

On completing the training,
business coach Vladimir Shikov awarded certificates and thanked for active participation.


Forreference. Shikov Vladimir Khassanovich is one of RF lead consultants. Among his
customers are the largest world and Russian companies. He has more than 15 years
of experience in consulting, conducting strategic sessions and assessment of
top management. He is specialized in training top managers and large groups up
to 300 persons. Has an extensive background in developing strategies, assessment
and training of staff, organizational planning and establishing corporate

Please note that Company’s
updated Rules of performance assessment (of
an administrative and management staff
) are effective since January 1, 2016.
Updated Rules, in distinct from the outdated ones, assessment procedure is based
on business and leadership competencies of employees with due account of performance
results for the reporting year, whereas, in accordance with the old rules only
employee performance was considered.