Working trip to RG Gold production facilities

Members of the Board of Directors and the Management Board of the National Mining Company Tau-Ken Samruk made a working trip to the Raigorodok deposit in the Akmola region. The purpose is to share experience and get acquainted with the best practices and technologies. 

The deposit is the third largest in the country. It contains 6 million ounces of gold. The right of subsurface use belongs to RG Gold. In 2022, the company built and launched a mining and metallurgical complex with a production capacity of 6 million tons of ore per year. At the moment, the work at the Northern and Southern Raigorodok quarries are in progress, and new sites are planned to be developed in the future. The enrichment technology used by RG Gold makes it possible to maximize the extraction of gold from ore with a low mineral content.