Tau-Ken Samruk returns to the practice of holding Scientific and technical councils.

The first meeting of the STC in an updated composition was devoted to the discussion of plans to stabilize the activities of its subsidiaries – Tau-Ken Temir LLP and Silicon Mining LLP.

The representatives of Silicon Mining submitted the issue of constructing a highway and a railway impasse to improve the logistics system of the enterprise and reduce the cost of delivering finished products to the end user – Tau-Ken Temir plant – for the consideration of the expert council. The issue was considered in detail, various opinions were expressed and it was taken a decision on the need for construction. In addition, the issues on the creation of a strategic reserve for the autumn-winter period and issues related to the registration and development of technogenic mineral formations were considered and approved.

At the plant for the production of metallurgical silicon Tau-Ken Temir they are working to reduce the cost of finished products. To improve technical and economic indicators, engineers-technologists propose to use special coke as a quartz reductant, as well as the possibility of using a briquetted batch of microsilica is under study.

After discussion and careful analysis, the members of the Scientific and Technical Council agreed with the proposals submitted to the meeting and made recommendations to the Management Board of JSC NMK Tau-Ken Samruk to approve those issues.


To ensure high-quality scientific and expert support for decisions to be taken by the Management Board on key issues of production activities of the Company and Subsidiaries, it is planned to hold meetings of the STC on a regular basis.